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Co-Founder, CEO

Jeries Ziadat

Jeries Ziadat co-founded NAMA and grew it successfully despite regional turbulence and economic decline. NAMA matured into the first dedicated public opinion and research center (NPRC) in Jordan. It is a pioneering move towards building an economy where both public and private sector stakeholders can rely on insightful intelligence to enrich their strategic decision making and growth objectives. In less than four years, NAMA has over 50 clients and partners. The clients include, but are not limited to, the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF), the World Values Survey Association – World Bank, Global Corruption Barometer – Transparency International, International Republican Institute – USAID, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, PwC, Royal Scientific Society, Ministry of Political Development and Parliamentary Affairs, UN Women, Jordanian National Commission for Women, NATO Association, House of Representatives, Jordan Strategy Forum, British Embassy – SIREN Associates, Amman Stock Exchange, and UNHCR. NAMA has been growing steadily and establishing services such as panel surveys, state of the country polls, and regular current affair polls. NAMA has become a leading survey research firm in the region with partners in the Middle East. It is also constantly developing digital intelligence capabilities. In his position as CEO, Jeries oversees all polls and surveys, manages projects and evaluations, and ensures NAMA’s continuous exponential growth by forging relationships with key strategic partners. He is an expert in strategic planning, research and analysis, business development, financial advisory, project management and real estate project development consultancy. Previously to leading NAMA, Jeries lead strategic and business planning and ensured all work developed and implemented is aligned with the overall corporate strategy and objectives. He took overall responsibility for business development, research, marketing, networking and contract management. He also developed presence and raised the profile of the company with donors, governments, NGOs and the private sector in Jordan.