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Juan Diez Nicolas

Juan Diez Nicolas is the current director and chair for Research in the Social Sciences and Security at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. Dr. Diez-Nicolas earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid in 1967 after he had completed a Fulbright fellowship at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with an MA degree in Sociology. Dr. Diez-Nicolas is the founding president for Análisis Sociológicos, Econóicos y Políticos (ASEP). He is also the founding president for (FADDIS): The Foundation for the Analysis and Dissemination of Social Surveys Data. Dr. Diez-Nicolas serves as the Vice-Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Values Survey. Dr. Diez- Nicolas has impressively published 32 books and more than 250 articles and book chapters in academic journals. He has also received the Order of the Great Cross of Alfonso X the Wiseman and the recipient of the National Award in Sociology and Political Science from Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, amongst other awards and honors.