NAMA’s Polling Center “SAWTI” – NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions conducted a survey on climate change gauging Jordanians’ knowledge, attitudes, and behavior in relation to its causes and effects on the Kingdom. The survey was conducted on a multistage probability systematic random sample, which was drawn through a clustered stratified design of 1,827 respondents from Jordan’s 12 governorates, interviewed face-to-face between February 17-27, 2022. 

An overwhelming majority, 87.6 per cent, of Jordanians stated they feel a change in the pattern of the weather, yet 52 per cent of Jordanians indicated their familiarity with the term “climate change”. High awareness levels of climate change were especially prevalent among respondents with higher education levels, as indicated by 70 per cent of those who have completed university education, 49 per cent among those who completed secondary education, and 36 per cent among those who have not completed secondary education. 

You can view and download the survey in English and Arabic