We interviewed 1,202 adult Jordanians to explore their awareness, support, and concerns regarding the new Cybercrimes Law

Our findings reveal that an overwhelming 87.9% of Jordanians are well-informed about the law. When it comes to their stance, 71.2% express support, driven by reasons such as protection from slander, defamation, and cyber threats. Meanwhile, those opposed (76.4%) cite concerns over potential infringements on personal rights and freedom of expression.

Social media emerges as the primary source of information for 51.4% of respondents, followed by Jordanian television stations at 38.1%. Notably, 85.1% of Jordanians consider it vital to enact a law addressing digital issues like cyber fraud and defamation.

Our survey sheds light on the pervasive issue of using social media for blackmail, with 55.8% believing such behavior is unacceptable. Furthermore, we explore Jordanians’ perspectives on public officials’ criticism and defamation, uncovering intriguing insights.

You can view and download the analytical report below:

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