Through IRI’s mission to support local democratic actors in Jordan, this project mainly aims to identify and address drivers of local conflict and to develop the community for improving governance and community cohesion starting in northern Jordan. These goals will be achieved through the development of a toolkit that will help local stakeholders and global stakeholders to develop policies and greater community resilience that aims to prevent localized conflict. 

Thus, in cooperation with the International Republican Institute, NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions implemented IRI’s LDVE Assessment project. With that, NAMA conducted a risk assessment research, a number of focus group discussions, and a number of in-depth interviews in Zarqa and Mafraq. The desk research relied on important data collected by NAMA in addition to data acquired through major international sources such as the World Values Survey. Then NAMA conducted six focus groups, divided equally between Zarqa and Mafraq, followed by 11 in-depth interviews with experts in each governorate.  

You can view and download the full survey in English